WFN Junior Traveling Award: Report on the 18th International Conference of Neurology and Neurological Disorders

By Haidy Shebawy

The conference in general was well organized and discussed different neurological topics from participants from all the world.

The venue was the Holiday Inn the Hotel Inn Marne Lavelle in Paris, France.

The conference was not huge like the conference of EAN or AAN. But the moderate number of participants allowed for more opportunity to discuss topics with speakers and was a good chance for sharing experiences and asking questions.

The schedule was planned to be Aug. 23-25, but the organizers compressed the schedule to take place Aug. 23-24.

My oral presentation was on the first day and received a certificate for doing a  good job during the conference.

The schedule included oral presentations and poster sessions. The coffee breaks and lunch breaks were very good.

The most exciting sessions for me were:

  • The lecture by Dr. Bernadete Marcia from Brazil about the spatial reasoning skills in the male brain and the risk of losing it in patents with neurodegenerative disorders.
  • The lecture by Dr. Radu Mutihac from Romania about spatiotemporal dynamics of the human effective connectome in neurological disorders, which covered a lot about PET and SPECT dynamics and uses.
  • There was an exciting case report about ischemic stroke due to hyperthyrodism presented by Dr. Bashir Adam from Nigeria.
  • There were sessions about pediatric neurology, neurodegenerative disorders, neuroimaging, and neuroimmunology.