WFN Junior Traveling Award: Nordic Neuropediatric Society

By Dr. Mariam I. Khawaja, MD, neurologist from Jordan

It was a great opportunity to attend the 37th meeting of the Nordic Neuropediatric Society, which was held in Copenhagen Sept. 6-8, as one of the awardees of the World Federation of Neurology junior travel award grant. The lectures discussed many important and interesting aspects of pediatric neurology, including researcher promotions, case presentations, investigation perspectives, and proposals. I had the chance to interact and make new contacts with many neurologists and neuropediatricians from different experiences and health system backgrounds.

I also presented an interesting case report as a poster titled, “Ictal Urinary Urge in a Focal Temporal Lobe Epilepsy,”  and was honored to the receive the award of the “Best poster presentation.”

I would like to thank the WFN for giving me this opportunity and their support, as attending these events plays an important role in my development and helps many other young neurologists and neuroscientists.