My Experience With the EEGonline Distance Learning Program

By Dr. Rabwa Fadol

Many thanks to Dr. Lawrence Tucker and his team for organizing the online 2022 EEG course and to the World Federation of Neurology (WFN) for sponsoring me as a junior neurologist for such an outstanding course. It is so valuable, informative, and well organized.

I joined this course while I was in the last year of my MD neurology training in Sudan. My target in the course was to expand my knowledge about the basics of the EEG, its implications in diagnosing different neurological disorders as well as sleep disorders, as I worked in a sleep lab for a couple of years.

The course was well structured from the basic concepts up to the reporting of the EEG.

The display of information by different ways, such as lectures, videos, audios, interactive discussions (epochs) with nice comments from the EEG experts, and frequent assessments by end-of-module quizzes made the subject easier to understand and interesting. The time management for the different modules was excellent (suitable and flexible) enabling us to follow smoothly.

Thanks to God that I passed both the EEG exam as well as my MD neurology exam at the same time. And I hope to implement this knowledge in my practice and to teach the junior colleagues in order to improve our health care system.

I hope the WFN will offer more opportunities to more candidates in our country and other sub-Saharan countries to attend this course and other neurological studies to help us improve our care to the patients. •

Dr. Rabwa Fadol is a Sudanese neurologist.