World Brain Day 2024: Promoting Brain Health and Prevention Globally

Tissa Wijeratne, David Dodick, Steven Lewis, Alla Guekht, Wolfgang Grisold

Neurological disorders represent a significant global health concern, impacting individuals and societies across the globe. With billions of people affected and millions of lives lost each year, the burden of neurological disorders cannot be overstated. Despite advances in medical science, disparities in access to quality care persist, underscoring the urgent need for comprehensive prevention strategies.

World Brain Day (WBD), an initiative launched by the World Federation of Neurology (WFN) in 2014, serves as a platform to raise awareness and advocate for improved neurological care worldwide. In collaboration with six global regions, WBD 2024 focuses on Brain Health and Prevention, aligning with the global agenda to combat disability and promote well-being.

The latest findings from the Global Burden of Disease Study highlight the preventable nature of many neurological conditions, emphasizing the importance of targeted interventions. Stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and other dementias are among the most extensively studied conditions, with identifiable risk factors that offer opportunities for prevention.

Regional neurological societies, including the American Academy of Neurology, African Academy of Neurology, Asian and Oceanian Association of Neurology, European Academy of Neurology, Pan-American Federation of Neurological Societies, and Pan Arab Union of Neurological Societies, play a pivotal role in leading preventive efforts within their respective regions.

By disseminating educational materials and advocating for policy changes, these societies contribute to the global effort to promote brain health and prevent neurological disorders.

WBD 2024 represents a call to action for stakeholders across all sectors to prioritize brain health and prevention. Through advocacy, education, and community engagement, we can empower individuals and communities to adopt healthy lifestyles and reduce the burden of neurological disorders worldwide. By joining forces with regional neurological societies and leveraging the power of digital communication, we can amplify our message and effect positive change.

Together, let us work toward a future in which neurological disorders are preventable, and all individuals have access to the care and support they need to thrive.

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Key Message

• World Brain Day (WBD) 2024, in collaboration with six global regions, emphasizes Brain Health and Prevention.

• Promote the WBD 2024 campaign in communities, hospitals, villages, and city-regions.

• Follow updates on the WFN website and social media platforms.

• Six regional societies to lead activities on brain health and prevention.