WFN Clinical Fellowship

Four weeks of learning at the university hospital in Giessen, Germany.

By Salsabil Abdulrahim Mady Abulazayem

I completed my WFN clinical fellowship at the department of neurology at the University Hospital Gießen in Giessen, Germany, for a period of four weeks under the supervision of Prof. H. B. Huttner. I was welcomed by Dr. M. Jünemann. He showed me the department and introduced me to the entire team. I appreciate the warm and kind welcome. I always felt fully integrated into the department’s daily routine, which allowed me to participate in all of the available activities.

During my first week, I regularly attended the movement disorders clinic with Prof. Reuter, where I had the opportunity to evaluate patients with all types of movement disorders and to discuss the cases, the diagnostic work-up, and therapeutic options. I also had the opportunity to witness complex therapies not present back home, such as subcutaneous apomorphine infusion and deep brain stimulation.

In the second week, I attended the neurocritical unit with Prof. Schramm, Dr. Alhaj Omar and Dr. Khilan, where I had the opportunity to evaluate patients with acute neurological conditions such as Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), acute stroke patients, and post-thrombectomy care, and their diagnostic work-up and management plans. I was truly impressed by the perfect care from all of the medical staff.

During my third and fourth weeks, I attended the stroke unit rounds where cases were assessed and discussed, usually patients presenting with acute ischemic stroke, acute hemorrhagic stroke, acute lower motor neuron lesions such as GBS or myositis, and meningitis.

I had the opportunity to attend an epilepsy clinic with Dr. Mück, an MS clinic, and discuss diagnostic work-up and therapeutic options in different patients. In addition, I had the opportunity to attend the weekly Journal Club during my month. Also, I attended daily morning staff rounds where clinical cases were presented and interactively discussed to reach a final diagnosis.

I was able to increase my knowledge base and to learn therapeutic and diagnostic approaches that I could use in my daily clinical practice thanks to this clinical fellowship.

To conclude, I would like to thank Prof. Huttner and his team, Dr. M. Jünemann, Prof. Reuter, Prof. Schramm, Dr. Alhaj Omar, Dr. Mück, Dr. Wolff, Dr. Ebert, Dr. Genau, and Dr. Khilan for all of their kindness. Of course, I would like to thank the World Federation of Neurology for granting me the opportunity to do this clinical fellowship and the German neurological Society for their wonderful ongoing help with the WFN Department visit program. I highly recommend it to young neurologists. •

Salsabil Abdulrahim Mady Abulazayemi is Lecturer of Neurology, Cairo University.