Spanish Society of Epilepsy in Málaga, Spain

By Pâmela Ayala

Pâmela Ayala

Thanks to the World Federation of Neurology, I had the opportunity to attend the fifth Congress of the Spanish Society of Epilepsy in Málaga, Spain.

Throughout the conference, I exchanged ideas and established contacts with great professionals in the field of epilepsy. During the lectures and discussions, news advancements in epilepsy were presented, and I became familiar with some medications that are not yet available in Latin America.

I also had the opportunity to present my work as ​a poster and oral presentation. My work was entitled “​ENCEFALOPATÍA EPILÉPTICA SENSIBLE A URIDINA ASOCIADA AL GEN CAD,” or Epileptic Encephalopathy Sensitive to Uridine Associated with CAD Gene.”

Epilepsy is one of my passions, and day after day I try to perfect my technical scientific skills. I just have to thank the WFN for promoting my growth. •