New Award for WFN Service

By Ryuji Kaji MD,
First Vice President, WFN

The World Federation of Neurology (WFN) has the following awards given on a regular basis and presented during each World Congress of Neurology (WCN).

  • WFN Medal for Service to International Neurology (biennial)
  • WFN Medal for Scientific Achievement in Neurology (biennial)
  • Ted Munsat Award for Service to Education (biennial).

A Lifetime Achievement Award is made on an ad-hoc basis at the discretion of the trustees.

To recognize particular service of merit by members or employees of the WFN, the WFN Meritorious Service Award has been created. Two awards may be made at each WCN. There will be no honorarium. The guidelines for the Meritorious Service Award are detailed here:

  1. The WFN Meritorious Service Medal will be awarded to any member or employee of the WFN or WFN Member Society who has given exemplary service to the WFN.
  2. Nominations are to be submitted by a financial Member Society and accompanied by a statement of up to 300 words describing the meritorious service of the nominee(s).
  3. Two medals will be awarded at each World Congress, with due regard to gender diversity.
  4. Nominations will be accepted when submitted by a financial Member Society using the nomination form on the WFN website.
  5. Nominations can be submitted until June 30 in a World Congress of Neurology year. Calls for nominations will go out in the year of a World Congress.
  6. The WFN President will, with the aid of a subcommittee from the WFN Trustees, determine the awardees. •