Call for Papers

Gustavo Roman

By Gustavo Roman, MD

I have recently been appointed editor-in-chief of a new ELSEVIER online publication, Cerebral Circulation – Cognition and Behavior. The goal is to publish papers dealing with the arterial, venous, CSF, and glymphatic circulation and cognitive or behavioral aspects. Areas such as the vasculopathy of COVID-19 and the frontal arterial spin labeling (ASL) changes induced by the coronavirus as well as papers related to sleep and normal-pressure hydrocephalus are welcome and can range from case reports to comprehensive reviews.

Peer review is fast and there are no publication charges. Please contact me at for further details. •

Gustavo C. Roman, MD, FANA, FAAN, FACP, FRSM, Jack S. Blanton Presidential Distinguished Chair for the Study of Neurological Disease at Methodist Neurological Institute in Houston, TX, and professor of neurology at Cornell University in New York, NY, and Texas A&M College of Medicine in Bryan, TX