WFN Junior Traveling Fellowship Report

By Ahmed Dahshan, MD

It is my pleasure to write this report about my attendance and participation in the Fourth European Academy of Neurology (EAN) Congress held June 16-19, 2018, in Lisbon, Portugal.

I presented a poster at that event. My poster title was “Normal Appearing Gray Matter in Multiple Sclerosis, Is It Really Functionally Normal?” I presented the poster to colleagues who attended the congress. It was useful to show them my work, listen to their comments, and answer their questions.

There were more than 5,000 participants in the congress, and it was a good opportunity to share knowledge in that area of research and make some agreements to have collaboration in some research work in the future. Attending the congress added a lot to my knowledge in neurology in general and particularly in the area of genetics and new treatments on the molecular level.

The congress proved fruitful, and I enjoyed attending the different symposiums, controversies, and the EAN brain challenge, which was a useful and exciting session. The most useful scientific activity apart from presenting my poster was attending the different interactive sessions. They were simple, updated and interesting with properly prepared scientific materials.

I would like to thank the WFN for its generous support, which helped me to attend such a great scientific event in neurology and present my work. I hope this support continues helping more young colleagues to increase their experience and attend scientific events all over the world. •

Ahmed Dahshan is neurology assistant lecturer at Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt.