WFN eLearning Hub for Global Virtual Education

By Morris Freedman, Kimberly Karlshoej, Steven L. Lewis, Wolfgang Grisold, Marianne de Visser and Walter Struhal

The World Federation of Neurology (WFN) will soon launch a novel eLearning platform global virtual education. Called the WFN eLearning Hub, this platform will facilitate access and dissemination of freely available clinical and research educational neurology content in the form of high-quality rounds, teaching seminars, webinars, master classes, and related academic activities.

This will be accomplished by providing links to these events that will be hosted at centers across the world within WFN member countries. The goal is to span all neurological subspecialties. The content will be available live and as recorded videos.

The educational material will be freely available to all neurologists, neurology trainees, primary care health care workers, and other health care professionals across the world, and be updated with the addition of new material on a regular basis for recurring events such as teaching rounds.

A 6-month pilot will be carried out prior to fully launching the WFN eLearning Hub. The pilot will target a small number of educational events and will provide access to the following:

  • Epilepsy and Epilepsy-Surgery Case Discussions (South Africa)
  • Inspiring People in Neurosciences (India)
  • International Behavioral Neurology Videoconference Rounds (Canada)
  • Indian Academy of Neurology’s Master Classes and Fundamental Courses
  • Japanese Neuropathology Society’s Curriculum in Neuropathology
  • WFN-African Academy of Neurology (AFAN) Education Day on Stroke
  • WFN-AFAN, International Headache Society, Global Patient Advocacy Coalition: Education Day on Headache
  • WFN-FINE Neuroinfection Series (India)

The WFN eLearning Hub is a joint initiative involving the WFN Trustees, Education Committee, eCommunications Committee, and Standards Committee. It is designed to improve the level of knowledge among health care professionals globally and will greatly enhance the role of the WFN in international education.

Access to recorded material will be available seven days a week, 24 hours a day regardless of time zone. The goal is for the WFN website to be the “go to” source for neurologists and other health care professionals across the world for accessing neurological educational material from leading centers across the world. Moreover, the access will be freely available. •

Morris Freedman and Marianne de Visser are trustees of the WFN. Steven Lewis is a trustee of the WFN and chair of the WFN Education Committee. Kimberly Karlshoej is WFN strategy and program director. Wolfgang Grisold is secretary general and president-elect of the WFN. Walter Struhal is chair of the WFN eCommunications Committee.

Link to access WFN e-Learning Hub