Neurology in 2050: Are You the Next Jules Verne?

The Turkish Neurological Society calls for medical student essay submissions

Serefnur Öztürk, MD

Serefnur Öztürk, MD

By Serefnur Öztürk, MD

Our century has become the Brain Century, and it is important to keep improving on this trend.

The Turkish Neurological Society has established an international essay competition for medical students to increase awareness about improvements in neurology in the Brain Century.

Medical education has various aspects, and creativity is one of the essential skills in medical education. An essay may improve oneself in various ways, including free learning, data collection, assessment of current information, improved decision-making, writing, planning, communication, and sharing.

International_Essay_PosterWe believe we have highly talented young physicians who have the potential to become the Jules Vernes of today. We invite you to participate in our essay contest and to contribute to the future of neurology.

The subject of the contest is Neurology in Year 2050. The purpose is to raise awareness among medical students in order to attract attention to the vision of neurology in their curriculum, to raise awareness about neurology and neurological disorders in the public through the eyes of medical students, and to encourage students to study neurology as a specialty.

Our target contestants are medical students in Turkey and other countries (all World Federation of Neurology member countries).

To submit an application and access the rules, visit the World Federation of Neurology essay contest website or the Turkish Neurological Society essay contest website.

The application period is June 15 to Oct. 15, 2016. Winners will be announced Nov. 15, 2016. We look forward to receiving your creative essays. Good luck.

Serefnur Öztürk, MD, is president of Turkish Neurological Society, on the faculty of the department of neurology at Selcuk University, Konya, Turkey, and on staff at the Turkish Neurological Society.