First WFN/AFAN e-Learning Day

By Riadh Gouider

The World Federation of Neurology (WFN) and the African Academy of Neurology presented their first virtual one-day teaching course—the first WFN/AFAN e-Learning Day—which took place from 8:45 a.m. to 6 p.m. (BST), Saturday, Oct. 10, 2020.


This educational event was held with the support of the European Academy of Neurology (EAN), the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), and the World Stroke Organization (WSO).

Organizing Committee

The WFN/AFAN Day was organized by Dr. Riadh Gouider, Dr. Wolfgang Grisold and Dr. Walter Struhal, under the direction of the e-Learning Committee on behalf of the WFN and the Board of Directors of the African Academy of Neurology (AFAN).

Local Organizers

The e-Learning Day was locally organized by the Tunisian Society of Neurology (ATN) and the Tunisian College of Neurology and Neurosurgery (CNN).

Professional Congress Organizer (PCO)

The Professional Congress Organizer company is: Meet-in-TV, Millesima Events.

Main Topic

The topic was “STROKE: a Treatable and Preventable Disease.”

Opening Ceremony

The opening of the e-Learning Day was jointly directed by Prof. William Carroll, WFN president, and Prof. Foad Abdallah, AFAN president.


There were five Quiz sessions, animated by Prof. Riadh Gouider and Dr. Saloua Mrabet. 151 attendees participated in the quizzes. The quizzes were operated by the Voting Platform “Mentimeter.” The Quiz Winner was Dr. Ahshish Govind from South Africa.

Quality Assurance Survey

The Quality Assurance Survey link was sent out to all the participants by the PCO. We received more than 200 answers to the survey made about the opinion of the participants about this event. Much appreciation of the quality of the educational content and technical platform was shared by more than 90% of the participants. The Certificate of Attendance will be managed and sent out by Kimberly Coard Karlshoej from the WFN Office.

Second WFN/AFAN e-Learning Day

After the success of the First e-Learning Day, we propose to have a second e-Learning Day on Epilepsy. •


Scientific Program Report

The program was treated in four Scientific Sessions, with a parallel session in French.

  • Session I: Stroke Burden and Challenges in Africa
  • Session II: Stroke Risk Factors and Subtypes
  • Session III: Stroke Imaging
  • Session VI: Stroke Management (with parallel session in French)

Conferences: 10 conferences were pre-recorded in advance and broadcast Oct. 10 with two conferences by session.

Invited Speakers: 10 speakers from all over the world presented lectures and provided deep insight into the latest developments in the field of stroke and vascular diseases.

Prof. Foad Abdallah (Egypt, AFAN)

Prof. Rufus Akinyemi  (Nigeria, AFAN)

Dr. Nobuaki Yamamoto (Japan, WFN)

Dr. Naeem Brey (South Africa, AFAN)

Prof. Bruce Campbell (Australia, WSO)

Prof. Kurt Niederkorn (Austria, WFN)

Prof. Pierre Fayad (Nebraska, AAN)

Prof. Valeria Caso (Italy, EAN)

Prof. Faouzi Bel Hassen (Maroc, AFAN) – French Session

Prof. Yacoube Mapoure (Cameroun, AFAN) – French Session

Moderators: 10 moderators animated the discussions and the interaction between the speakers and the audience during sessions.

Prof. William Carroll (Australia)

Prof. Augustina Charway Felli (Ghana)

Prof. Lawrence Wong Ka Sing (Hong Kong)

Dr. Marie0me Soda Diop (Senegal): She couldn’t connect to the live streaming. Dr. Imen Kacem moderated the conference instead.

Prof. Marc Fisher (Boston)

Dr. Sarah El-Sadig Misbah (Sudan)

Dr. Julien Razafimahefa (Madagascar)

Prof. Athanase Millogo (Burkina Faso)

Prof. Chokri Mhiri (Tunisia) : French Session

Dr. Imen Kacem (Tunisia)


Participation Report

The WFN/AFAN Day brought together neurologists, residents in neurology and health care professionals from Africa and around the globe.

Registration: There were 1,118 registrations from 90 countries worldwide, 944 registrations from 37 African countries. As shown in the statistics below, registrants were from:

Tunisia: 180 registrants

Ghana: 161 registrants

South Africa: 101 registrants

Nigeria: 85 registrants

Egypt: 83 registrants

994 physicians registered for the e-Learning Day, with 63% of them neurologists and residents in neurology.

Attendance Report

Among those who registered, 576 participants from 60 countries followed the event, with 513 participants from 31 African countries.

The participation rate reached 51.1 % of the registration.

About 520 physicians participated in the e-Learning Day with more than 350 neurologists and residents in neurology.