Candidate Statement for WFN Trustee: Tissa Wijeratne

Tissa Wijeratne

I am Prof. Tissa Wijeratne, co-chair for World Brain Day. Since the inception of World Brain Day in 2014, I have been dedicated to making brain health a priority for all. With Prof. Mohammad Wasay, I co-founded this vital initiative to promote global brain health.

Preventative brain health is essential. Nearly one in two people will experience a brain disorder in their lifetime, as highlighted in our latest GBD publication in Lancet Neurology. With the World Health Organization set to release the Intersectoral Global Action Plan (IGAP) toolkit, we have a unique opportunity to promote brain health at the grassroots level.

My extensive experience spans from rural Sri Lanka to urban Australia, providing me with a unique perspective on brain health in different settings. In Australia, I am spearheading a significant movement in preventative brain health with schools, city councils, and state governments recognizing its importance. Our progress shows that awareness and action can lead to meaningful change.

Education and advocacy are key to this effort. I have developed and promoted programs that raise awareness about brain health, providing valuable information in schools, community centers, and workplaces. I have also worked with local and state governments to create policies that support brain health initiatives, including funding for research and public health campaigns.

As a trustee at the WFN, I will bring my experience and dedication to the global stage. I am committed to supporting the mission and vision of the WFN and will work tirelessly to advance our shared goals.

I invite you to visit the WFN YouTube channel, World Neurology, and the WFN website to see how I have contributed to brain health for all since 2005. Your support and vote are crucial.

Together, we can continue to advance preventative brain health and improve lives globally. •