Candidate Statement for WFN Trustee: Miguel Osorno Guerra

Miguel Osorno Guerra

I am honored to be nominated as trustee of the WFN. We are in a time where innovation, collaboration, and organization must meet the diverse needs of different countries.

My name is Miguel Osorno Guerra. My professional experience in both public and private institutions in Mexico has given me insight into the significant deficiencies and challenges in neuroscience education, particularly in economically disadvantaged areas.

As secretary and later president of the Mexican Academy of Neurology (MAN), I contributed to redesigning the Journal of Neuroscience and consolidating the textbook “Elementary Neurology” for medical schools, now in its third edition. Our guiding principle was “what every doctor should know about neurology.” My organizational skills in academic events and congresses, both nationally and internationally, have significantly contributed to the dissemination of neurological knowledge.

I am also a postgraduate professor, working closely with young neurologists, encouraging them to develop research projects. This mentoring is crucial in fostering a new generation of skilled and innovative neurologists.

Our collaboration with the WFN included promoting the certification of three Mexican hospitals and participating in the WFN’s educational programs, enabling young neurologists from Latin America to enhance their skills and positively impact their communities.

My commitment to neurology education aims to improve the quality of neurological care and develop comprehensive programs for addressing neurological diseases. Through my work with the WFN, I have learned two key lessons:

Individual and isolated efforts have limited impact.

Several regions, including Latin America, need better integration with the WFN and should play a larger role in the future.

If elected, I pledge to work diligently with the WFN to achieve our shared goal of improving neurological patient care worldwide. •