Candidate Statement for Treasurer: Morris Freedman*

Morris Freedman

Morris Freedman

I am honored to be nominated for WFN treasurer. This position comes with great responsibility to the WFN and its member societies, and requires in-depth knowledge of the WFN, as well as the experience, judgment, ethical character, equitable approach, and transparency, which are essential for managing the WFN’s finances. Moreover, in the currently uncertain financial times, serving as treasurer requires vision for creating novel approaches to maximize the WFN’s financial assets.

I believe that I bring the above qualities to the position of treasurer. I have been actively involved with the WFN since 2007, when I started by serving as the Canadian delegate, and I have continued to serve the WFN up to the present. I am now completing my second term as elected trustee. I am also chair of the innovative e-Learning Subcommittee of the Education Committee, and served as chair of the Membership Committee, member of the Education Committee, and co-chair of the eLearning Task Force together with Prof. Riadh Gouider. I also served as president of the Canadian Neurological Society and president of the Canadian Congress of Neurological Sciences. I also served as secretary-treasurer of the Canadian Neurological Society and Canadian Congress of Neurological Sciences.

We need new strategies to ensure the financial security of the WFN. The WFN’s mission is to foster quality neurology and brain health worldwide. If elected as WFN treasurer, I will use my skills in innovation to advance this mission, which is dear to the heart of people all over the world, by developing a mechanism to raise funds from donors across the world. The goal will be to generate financial support to significantly expand the implementation of the WFN mission, especially as applied to middle- and low-income countries where the need is greatest—and to do this in a way that is sustainable.

An example of my track record in innovation relates to my international leadership role in neurological education. I spearheaded the concept of the WFN e-Learning Hub, which will serve as an electronic library to access recorded educational materials from leading sites all over the world through links available on the WFN website. Thus, the WFN website will be the “go-to” place where health care professionals across the world can easily access a broad spectrum of educational videos.

I have a vision, a clear sense of direction, and the necessary personal qualities, as well as the focus and determination to serve as WFN treasurer in a way that will honor the tradition of this very important role, ensure the financial security of the WFN, and introduce innovation in generating financial support to significantly enhance implementation of the WFN mission. This will require extensive collaboration within the WFN, as well as with people with diverse needs and across many countries. Those who know me say that I am an excellent team player, organizer, and innovator, and that I am highly responsible, ethical, equitable, and fully transparent. These qualities are essential for serving as WFN treasurer. I hope that I have your support. •

* This is an additional candidate nominated under Article 6.3 of the constitution (nominated by five member societies). All other candidates are by recommendation of the WFN Nominations Committee.