World Congress of Neurology: Vienna in September

The 21st World Congress of Neurology (WCN 2013) will be held Sept. 21-26  in Vienna, in conjunction with the European Federation of Neurological  Societies and the Austrian Society of  Neurology. The theme of the congress will be Neurology in the Age of Globalization.

Plan your travel now to Vienna in the fall for World Congress of Neurology Sept. 21-26, 2013.

Plan your travel now to Vienna in the fall for World Congress of Neurology Sept. 21-26, 2013.

The first World Congress in Vienna  was the eighth in 1965, with Sir Gordon Holmes among the honorary presidents. The president was Hans Hoff, the vice president was Franz Seifelberger, the scientific secretary was Helmut Tschabitscher and the general secretary was Franz Gerstenbrandt, who also will take part in the 21st World Congress of Neurology. The president of the World Congress of Neurology Vienna 2013 is Professor Eduard Auff, from the Austrian Neurological Society.

The World Congress of Neurology in Vienna is likely to be particularly well attended, since both the European Federation of Neurological Societies (EFNS) and the Austrian Neurological Society have agreed to combine their annual meetings with the World Congress of Neurology. The broad activities and vision of the upcoming WFN Congress will help to shape the future of neurology in the age of globalization.

The congress reflects the global membership of the World Federation of Neurology, its member societies representing neurologists from 113 countries. This congress, as others, will represent the scientific and clinical interests of neuroscientists around the world, with a special emphasis on European and Austrian neurology. Highlights include a plenary lecture by Nobel prize winner Eric Kandel, whose recent book, “The Age of Insight,” explores the neural phenomena behind the artistic innovations of Viennese painters Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimpt, and the theories of the subconscious of Sigmund Freud, who was also Viennese.

Over the past several years, the WFN and other global neuroscience organizations have begun joint discussions and projects designed to provide a strong voice for the promotion of brain health worldwide. The Scientific and Educational courses of WCN2013 will include contributions by the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies and the World Psychiatric Associations, on subjects of interest to neurologists. Many subspecialty neurology societies will also be represented on the program.

Spend time with the WCN2013  program to learn more about the congress session and to plan your travel and  accommodations.