ACTION Report 2013

action2action1We are grateful for WFN’s  endorsement of the Australia China Training Initiative of  Neurology (ACTION). The course is  an intensive training of up-to-date  neurological treatments.

ACTION is the collaboration of  academic partners in China and Australia. It is between the University of Melbourne, Jiatong University affiliated with  First People’s Hospital in Shanghai,  Fudan University affiliated Huashan Hospital in Shanghai, Melbourne Brain Center at Royal Melbourne Hospital in Melbourne.

It is run by an academic faculty consisting of Professor Terence O’Brien, Professor Stephen Davis, Professor Qiang Dong, Professor Wang Shaoshi, Associate Professor Bernard Yan and Professor Trevor Kilpatrick.

ACTION started in 2010, and we are now in our fourth year of operation. So far, we have had 108 Chinese neurologists through the course.action3action4

The structure of ACTION is run over a two-week intensive learning environment. The first week is in Shanghai in July and the second week is in Melbourne in November annually.

ACTION is a lecture- and  workshop-based course. We teach a  spectrum of neurological subspecialties  including stroke, epilepsy, multiple  sclerosis, movement disorders,  neuromuscular, neuropsychiatry,  neurogenetics, etc.

The final week of the training course in Melbourne is completed with a formal examination on the course’s teaching material and the Chinese neurologists are then awarded by the University of Melbourne.