Improving the WFN Website

By Walter Struhal, Surat Tanprawate and Chiu Man

The World Federation of Neurology (WFN) is an active worldwide organization that promotes and advocates for neurology on all continents. We have started to re-engineer the website to shed light on this broad spectrum of activities.

The design of the website in recent years has been analogous to an information booklet on the WFN. We want to transform the current website into a vivid and timely information platform, which should allow WFN officials and WFN partners to interact with the website audience. We will not change the design, to keep the corporate identity stable, but the website logistics will change considerably.

Here are some of the expected changes.

  • A new registration feature will allow individuals to subscribe to WFN new.
  • Short introductory texts will guide the user through all areas of the website.
  • The content of WFN’s publications (World Neurology and Journal of the Neurological Sciences) will be embedded and promoted through the website; contents of both publications will be presented in short video introductions as well as being indexed for searchability within the site.
  • WFN Committees, Applied Research Groups, partners and initiatives will have access to this information platform to keep the world updated on progress in their areas of responsibility.
  • Content from past congresses will be accessible through an online archive, and online teaching and training tools will be promoted.
  • WFN officials will have the opportunity to present their work for WFN, eventually also through short video messages.
  • Many more details will be adapted.

An essential concept of the new website will be to integrate social media much more strongly into WFN’s online experience. Social media allows us to quickly and effectively interact with our audience.

To help us achieve this, we have introduced three social media channels:

We Need Your Help

We want the website to serve your needs in advocating your WFN projects and activities. To do so, we have to get the information flowing. Please help us make your great work visible. We will serve your needs, by promoting your initiatives and ideas.

It really won’t take long. Consider that one of the most popular microblogging services, Twitter, basically only supports messages up to 140 characters, so your statements should be short and concise.  So in only the few minutes you invest, we might make your work visible to the world. Send your info to