From the editors

We’d like to welcome all readers to the February 2024 issue of World Neurology, the first issue of 2024. The issue begins with the President’s Column. Dr. Wolfgang Grisold, WFN president, provides an overview of the many activities being planned, organized, and supported by the World Federation of Neurology (WFN) for 2024 and beyond. In this issue, you will also find a summary of the many outstanding plenary sessions presented during the World Congress of Neurology (WCN) 2023, with a foreward by Dr. Guy Rouleau, WFN vice president.

Dr. Chandrashekhar Meshram, WFN elected trustee, provides a summary of the WFN Publications Committee and History of Neurosciences Specialty Group. This issue’s History column is devoted to a book titled The History of Stroke by Dr. Jan van Gijn. Dr. Jan Stam provides the book review.

Dr. Duc Nguyen, a neurology trainee from Vietnam, summarizes his remarkable experience as the first recipient of an WFN and Indian Academy of Neurology Asian Departmental Visit provided at the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research in Chandigarh, India. Dr. Prisca-Rolande Bassolé, a young neurologist from Dakar, Senagal, reviews her attendance at the WCN2023 supported by a WFN Junior Traveling Fellowship. Dr. Bindu and Medha Menon describe their foundation’s activities aimed at using technology to mitigate the impact of epilepsy in their region of India.

Dr. Grisold provides a report of the Joint Session of the WFN and the World Stroke Organization (WSO) that occurred October 2023 at the WSO Congress in Toronto. The session was devoted to the concept of palliative care for stroke patients. Dr. Orla Hilton updates us on the Global Research Coalition and the call for collaboration in global research initiatives devoted to global brain heath.

Dr. Cassandra Kniffin Arnold and Joanna Amberger report on the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM) database, with a foreward to this important initiative by Dr. Martin Krenn. Dr. Marco Tulio Medina reports on the recent anniversary celebration of the creation of the Neurology Postgraduate Program at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (UNAH), which one of the World Neurology editors (SLL) had the privilege and honor of participating in.

Finally, Dr. Fabrizio Benedetti reviews the current pharmacological and toxicological concepts underlying the important phenomena of placebo/nocebo and the brain.

In this first issue of 2024, we want to thank all readers for their interest in the WFN and World Neurology. We look forward to sharing additional information with you about the WFN, neurology, and neurologists around the world in future issues of World Neurology. •