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John D. England

John D. England

By John D. England, MD

Beginning with this issue of World Neurology, we will feature an “Editor’s Selection” of articles from the Journal of the Neurological Sciences (JNS).  Elsevier, the publisher of JNS, has agreed to provide free access to these articles in PDF format to the members of the World Federation of Neurology.  Simply click on the PDF of the article to access it.

For this issue, we will feature two recent articles:

  • Andreas Steck and members of the Education Committee of the World Federation of Neurology (WFN) provide the results of a survey, which examined the current global state of training in neurology.  These results were compared with a previous survey done in 2006.  The paper outlines the areas where advances have occurred and also indicates areas where improvements are needed.  The findings provide important data which JNS_Magshould be helpful in guiding the future training of neurologists around the world.  The major disappointing aspect of the survey was that only 39 out of the 113 WFN member organizations provided answers to the survey.  Most respondents were from Europe and Asia.  Notable non-responders were Canada, France, India, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom and The United States.
    Manuscript # JNS-D-13-00728
  • Maria Nagel and others from the University of Colorado, U.S. present a remarkable case of a patient suspected of having giant cell arteritis (GCA) whose temporal artery biopsy was initially negative for GCA.  Further analysis demonstrated varicella zoster virus (VZV) antigen and VZV DNA in the temporal artery and adjacent skeletal muscle.  More extensive pathological analysis of temporal artery sections adjacent to those containing VZV antigen showed classic features of GCA.  These findings build upon the previous research from this group, which detected VZV in the temporal arteries of 5/24 patients with clinically suspected GCA.  Taken together, these findings raise important questions about the role of VZV in both suspected and proven GCA.  Manuscript # JNS-D-13-01090R1

We hope that this new feature of highlighted articles from JNS will be a useful addition for readers of World Neurology.

England is Editor-in-Chief, Journal of the Neurological Sciences.