Announcing ICNMD 2022

The 17th International Congress of Neuromuscular Disease will take place July 5-July 9 in Brussels.

On Tuesday, we will have eight teaching courses and two hands-on courses (four hours each with a break in between).

The TC02 (TC02: Diagnosis and Treatment of GBS, CIDP and Autoimmune Nodopathies) & TC06 (Diagnosis of Inherited Neuropathies) are endorsed by the ICNMD/PNS Society

From Wednesday, the program includes a daily morning plenary followed by concurrent scientific sessions (22), workshops (12) and overarching sessions (11). Included are nine sessions for oral presentations and a special session for Regional Aspects of Neuromuscular Diseases – a joint WFN-ICNMD session.

Here are the titles of the four plenary sessions: 

Wednesday, July 6 | Trial Readiness and Advances in Therapy in Hereditary and Inflammatory Myopathies

Thursday, July 7 | The ALS-FTD Overlap Syndrome

Friday, July 8 | Guillain-Barré Syndrome: State of the Art and Challenges (Endorsed by ICNMD/PNS Society)

Saturday, July 9 | New Developments in Diagnosis and Treatment of Myasthenia Gravis and Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome

Here is the link to the preliminary program:

For more information, contact Barbara Bricalli, program manager of ICNMD 2022 via •