14th International Congress on Neuromuscular Diseases to Feature the World’s Leading Experts

By Vera Bril, MD



The 14th International Congress on Neuromuscular Diseases (ICNMD 2016), under the auspices of the World Federation of Neurology, will be held in Toronto, Canada from July 5–9, 2016 at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel. The ICNMD is the formal meeting of the Research Group on Neuromuscular Diseases, formally affiliated with the World Federation of Neurology. It has been 14 years since the ICNMD Congress was held in Canada, with Vancouver, British Columbia, hosting the 2002 Congress.

Building on the success of preceding Congresses, in Vancouver, Istanbul, and Naples, it was decided at the previous meeting in Nice, France (ICNMD 2014) that the Congress be moved to a two-year cycle instead of meeting every four years.

While much encouragement and progress is going on in the field of neuromuscular diseases, especially with the recent support of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the disease remains a huge global health problem.

The Congress will address all aspects from muscular dystrophies, other myopathies, myasthenia gravis, polyneuropathies, spinal cord disorders, and neurofibromatosis, to name just a few of the major themes within the Congress. The Congress will include updates on understanding of the genetics, pathogenesis, evaluation, and treatment of neuromuscular disorders.

The Scientific and Program Committee invited some of the world’s leading experts in the field of neuromuscular diseases, with the hope that at the end of the Congress, attendees will have garnered the most up-to-date information available in neuromuscular disorders.

The Congress is CME Accredited from the University of Toronto. For the total number of credits, please visit the Congress website.

The Program and Scientific Committee has worked tirelessly to plan an exemplary and intellectual program to inspire, educate, and support those individuals and organizations that fight against neuromuscular diseases.

The Congress will unofficially start on Tuesday, July 5 with a full day of Teaching Courses. These courses will be small classroom-sized sessions with a focus on the practical applications and knowledge of specific topics.

An Opening Ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday evening, and from Wednesday, July 6 to Saturday, July 9, the Congress will host workshops that offer multidisciplinary exploration of focused topics related to neuromuscular diseases.

There will be four exciting Plenary Sessions that will feature experts in their fields. Topics include genetics, hot topics, muscular dystrophy, and motor neuron disease.

Toronto is one of the most multicultural diverse cities in the world, where more than 140 languages are spoken, and microcosms of different cultures are thriving in unique cohesion. Only a short distance to world renowned attractions like Niagara Falls and the Canadian wilderness, ICNMD 2016 promises to be a highly rewarding meeting on a social and intellectual basis.

For more details around the scientific program, and registration, please visit the Congress website at http://icnmd2016.org. 

Vera Bril, MD, is president of the 14th International Congress on Neuromuscular Diseases (ICNMD) 2016, professor of neurology, Krembil Family chair in neurology, program medical director, Krembil Neuroscience Program, University Health Network, head of neurology, University Health Network, Mt. Sinai Hospital, deputy physician-in-chief, finance, University Health Network, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Toronto.