World Federation Grants-in-Aid 2013

The WFN will award grants for specific educational or applied research projects in neurology and the applied neurosciences as part of its activities as a registered charitable organization and its mission to “foster quality neurology and brain health worldwide.”


To provide funding for low cost, high impact educational and outcomes research projects.


Projects to provide health care, basic science and ongoing research proposals are not eligible.


Neurologists of Member Societies


Relevance: How does the project directly address the mission of the WFN?
Value: What is the return for invested effort, funds or time?  (Priority will be given to low cost, high impact projects)
Viability: Is this a limited time project with a measurable outcome, or is it an initiative that will grow and become institutionalized?  If the latter, who will take over responsibility after the WFN’s initial involvement?
  1. within the WFN – among committees, initiatives and task forces
  2. with outside partners, governmental and non-governmental organizations, the WHO, funding agencies, etc.
  3. potential for publicity and fundraising
Evaluation: How will the outcome be measured?


Letter of Intent (LOI) due by May 15, 2013

Applicants notified of results by June 15, 2013

Applications due by July 1, 2013

Applicants informed about final results by July 30, 2013

Funding of successful applicants begins as soon as it can be arranged thereafter.

Applications should be submitted using the WFN grant application (see button above) and should include the following:

Application Checklist

  • The name of the sponsoring group and individual initiator(s) with his/her curriculum vitae
  • A title of the project
  • A description of the project
  • The direct relevance of the project to the mission of the WFN
  • The viability of the project
  • The timeline of the project, dates and duration
  • A budget in U.S. dollars

LOI and applications should be submitted to:

Rebecca Clarke
Administrative/Research Assistant to Vladimir Hachinski, President, WFN
Email: / Phone: 519-663-3624 / Fax: 519-663-3910