Next European Board Examination in Neurology

The next Exam of the European Board of Neurology (EBN) will take place on Friday, June 15, 2018 at the EAN congress site in Lisbon.

Prof. Wolfgang Grisold from Vienna successfully started this annual event in 2009. This year, we celebrate the 10th examination.

Every year, the number of participants increases. We receive a lot of mostly positive feedback from our candidates, which makes it possible to improve the exam continuously. Many young neurologists consider taking this exam to aid them while preparing for the written tests and writing their contributions for the oral exams.

Candidates at the European Board Examination in Amsterdam.

Candidates at the European Board Examination in Amsterdam.

Participating in the EBN exam is not merely a way of showing success in retrieving information accumulated during training and reading literature, but more than that a demonstration of the ability of sound reasoning, presenting insight and working with accessible knowledge. Candidates are allowed to use external reference sources and prepare work at home that will be judged – and can be modified after personal feedback – before they come up for the real exam.

They can update and expand their knowledge and abilities, take part in a unique academic experience, and get an additional sign of excellence. Thus, they show their commitment for life-long learning. Although the EBN exam has no legislation until now, the title “fellow of the European Board of Neurology” (which does not coincide with “fellow of the EAN”) may enhance the candidate’s possibilities to work in other countries within and outside Europe.
For the next years, the collaboration between EBN and EAN will be intensified in a great way. Using more technical possibilities (as provided by the Swedish Company Orzone) will allow us to extend our questions to imaging, signal analysis, and clinical judgment with the help of movies.
Candidates who are members of EAN’s Resident and Research Fellow Section for at least one year now get a considerable reduction.

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We sincerely hope to get more European candidates, not only junior neurologists, but also those who are already practicing. •

Prof. Jan Kuks is the chair of the EBN examination committee, and works at the University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands.