What Have You Learned at the AAN Annual Meeting That You Will Take Back to Your Practice?

“I attended the Global Health Challenges: Neurology in Developing Countries. It was eye-opening to learn about the global burden of disease and specifically the difficulties in treating epilepsy in developing countries.

It won’t affect my current practice but reminds me of the need to think outside of the small world in which I practice. It also reignited an interest in participating in short-term medical mission work like I was able to do in medical school.”

David B. Watson, MD
Morgantown, West Virginia

“I live in Zambia and there are only two neurologists in Zambia for 13 million people. It’s a very small community! Coming here, I get to meet the people face-to-face that I’ve emailed, spoken to and trained with over the years. We are talking about collaboration and building our global health programs. This AAN meeting — it’s neurology on steroids!”

Omar Siddiqi, MD
Lusaka, Zambia

“I like that the issue of ethics was addressed in the Presidential Plenary Session and its impact to medicine. We are all living with ethics in our daily lives.”

Barbara A. Dworetzky, MD

“I attended a very educational series of debates on the controversies pertaining to ICU EEG monitoring of critically ill patients. It was great to hear from experts in the field arguing their viewpoints on an important unanswered question in neurocritical care. This has inspired me to review the literature myself and come to my own conclusion. Clearly, there is more research that needs to be done.”

 Krishnan Vaishnav
Boston, MA

“The clinical sessions, especially those on the new agents for multiple sclerosis, are very good. MS treatment has been closed, very routine and patients are getting tired of the same injections.

It’s good to see that clinical research is progressing in this area. Hopefully in a few years — not 10 years — there will be new drugs available for MS patients. Patients are being included earlier in studies and being treated better and earlier.”

Douglas Sato, MD
Sendai-Miyagi, Japan

“I really appreciate the speakers who gave a high level interpretation of the clinical trials. We all know the data. It’s the interpretation that really helps us start a discussion and collaborate nationally.”

 Ishida Koto, MD
New York

“The ICU monitoring session was very helpful. I work at the V.A. We are short-staffed, and we are short on staff qualified to perform multiple tasks such as ICU monitoring. The ideas I learned about ICU monitoring is directly applicable to my facility.”

 Gabriel Bucurescu, MD

“For me, it’s learning the research ideas for the future. I’m a junior resident so I’m enjoying all the sessions, especially the genetic talks.”

Janice Wong, MD
Boston, MA

“What I’m hearing is confirmatory: In stroke, there often is no clear decision. So, it’s confirmation to what’s been discussed here.”

Markus Naumann, MD
Augsburg, Germany