IAN Textbook of Neurology

The book encompasses both the theoretical and practical aspects of neurology.

by Satish V. Khadilkar and Gagandeep Singh

The “IAN Textbook of Neurology,” edited by Satish V. Khadilkar and Gagandeep Singh, is a comprehensive two-volume sourcebook for students and postgraduates in neurology and practicing neurologists. The book has been compiled by an experienced team of authors from various parts of India and international contributors. The book is well structured into various sections, including history and examination methods, neuroanatomy and neurophysiology, the clinical and diagnostic approaches to various nervous system diseases, and therapeutic aspects.

This book is unique in terms of encompassing both the theoretical and practical aspects of neurology. The detailed description of neurological examination methods along with applied aspects of it will be extremely useful to students. The inclusion of case examples in appropriate places makes it an interesting read. The online version also provides students with multiple-choice questions for self-assessment and illustrative case videos for better understanding.

The second edition adds one more distinctive feature of providing a regional context in various neurological disorders where such peculiarities exist. This is a thoughtful attempt to provide insights into unique demographics, epidemiology, and disease behaviors. This should also motivate the researchers in the country. This area should be worked upon further in the next edition to combine the global and Indian perspectives. The data from a country with such a large population will add value to the world literature. In recent times, the fields of neurogenetics and immunology have been rapidly evolving. Although this book provides primers of both these fields, the coming editions will certainly see more incorporation of these sciences and their impact on the neurology practice.

The book features a foreword by
Dr. Wolfgang Grisold, president of the World Federation of Neurology, and is available on various platforms globally. •